My mission is to help you grow what you love.

I'm Celina, a business coach + branding consultant who helps businesses of all sizes and industries define their brand, build a strategy for growth and scale up.

With over a decade of experience in startups, NGOs and nonprofits in over 15 countries, I am dedicated to giving passionate entrepreneurs the tools they need to make their dreams a reality.

How I got here.

I have been an entrepreneur for over a decade. My journey started in the entertainment industry managing my career as an artist that took me all over the world.


However, the demands of that lifestyle began to take their toll, so after college, I used what I learned from managing my personal brand to help scale a sustainable clothing line in Brooklyn from just under $10,000 in sales to over $1 million. 

That was when I realized what the power of strategy and creativity can create together.

As that business grew, I started a vegan/gluten free baking company with a baker in Brooklyn as a side project. Working together, we were able to call some of the largest cafes in New York our clients and built a brand strategy that grew our business quickly. I taught my partner everything I knew about marketing and how to scale the business successfully, and gave her the tools she needed to take the business over for herself. Today she has expanded the business to Europe.


With that success under my belt, I started my third business, a translation agency (fun fact: I speak 6 languages) helping businesses of all sizes across Europe and South America translate and optimize their websites in order to obtain more clients.

After a few years (and 15 countries later), I became hungry for more. I knew I was helping my clients in one aspect of their business, but I wanted to understand exactly how to build and scale a successful enterprise from idea to past the start up phase.


So I went back to school and got my MBA.

Education is so important, and having the right tools to understand how to start, scale and manage a business are crucial when you are guiding entrepreneurs. That was the right step for me because my education and hands on experience together have given me the tools and empathy to be able to help founders, CEOs, entrepreneurs and passionate creatives understand how to grow that project, business, or idea that they love so much.

Since getting my MBA, I have worked for large tech companies in the Silicon Valley and international NGOs educating and empowering over 6,000 small businesses and startups to grow, monetize their brand and expand into international markets. This work keeps teaching me how to use technology to automate and scale, but it also has pushed me to tackle every type of start up challenge possible.

To sum it all up, I have a LOT of experience growing and scaling businesses, and I can help you do the same.

Work with me.

Launch your idea

Everything you need to start and scale your own business...on your schedule.

Grow your business

1:1 coaching sessions to help you build your brand, grow your presence and scale your business. 

Build your brand

I'll optimize your marketing channels in order to grow your audience & create a cohesive brand across all your digital platforms.

My core values.


Get the job done! My goal is to help you be the best you can be and we are committed to seeing each project through until you see results.

Commit to excellence

Everything I do is of the utmost quality with actionable takeaways that will improve your business. I won't waste your time.

Results guaranteed

You can't grow without results. If you aren't satisfied with my services, I'll work for free until our goals have been met.

Learn together

Long term growth is an ongoing process. I will share my strategies to equip you with the tools you need to measure and understand that growth -- even after our engagement is complete.

Time is valuable, and my strategies work. You will see results in days and weeks, not months. I work hard so you can focus on what you do best while getting the results you need. 

Rapid results

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